BOS Series

Battery Operated Scroll Display Systembos 2 2 20150113 1500956688
  • The ultimate low cost solution... no need for electrical installation
  • Installs directly on existing sign face… no need to replace face;
  • Digits up to 12 inch (305mm) high;
  • Choice of fonts and colors to match specific corporate image requirements;
  • Translucent white digits on colored opaque background;
  • Multiple price level capacity;
  • Uses existing sign illumination for night time back-lit illumination;
  • 100% energy saving over L.E.D. systems;
  • Mounting brackets adapt to the existing rails;
  • Weatherized aluminum enclosure with clear back and front polycarbonates allowing for back-lit illumination;
  • Portable control unit with built-in rechargeable battery, 3-key sealed keyboard and quick-connect connector


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