ROS Series

Scrolling Film Display Systems

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  • Digit height up to 15 inches (380mm);
  • Choice of fonts and colors to match specific corporate image requirements;
  • Translucent white digits on translucent or opaque colored background as well as black digits on clear or translucent background;
  • Multiple price level capacity per display interface, single or double faced;
  • Uses existing sign illumination for night time back-lit illumination;
  • More than 98% energy saving over L.E.D. systems;
  • Weatherized aluminum enclosure with clear back and front polycarbonates allowing for back-lit illumination;
  • Remote control input unit with LCD Display, 4-key sealed keyboard for manual operation, RS232 serial port for POP connectivity for automatic operation and transmission on AC power line or through separate control cable or RF using our specifically developed communication protocol;
  • Unique and patented bar-code technique allowing for optimum reading/detection operation for many years;
  • Thousands of installations;
  • UL Listed.

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