Compagny Profile

Novyc began its operations in June 1985 and has concentrated its activities in the design, engineering and manufacturing of electronic display systems for the petroleum industry.

In 1986, novyc introduced its high-torque motorized 7-segment display module specifically designed to overcome the limitations and failures of electromagnetic digits in low duty cycle gas price systems applications.

Backed by many years of system innovations and improvements, novyc was the first and only Canadian electronic display manufacturer to develop its own scrolling film technology, product launched in 1993, allowing for unlimited choice of colors and fonts to match corporate image requirements.

To date, Novyc display products are specified and used by major petroleum companies across North America and around the world. There are over 15,000 price systems installed in cities experiencing extreme weather conditions which serve as an ongoing testimonial to product quality and durability.

Novyc’s complete and unique family of products now includes the L.E.D. technology, the S.G.P., R.O.S. and B.O.S. (Battery Operated) scrolling film technology.  This wide range of products provides various solutions for all customers, all under the same roof and all backed by the same commitment for high quality and long term reliability.